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Hints & Tips

Below are a range of tips and hints to make your move go smoothly.

Eight Weeks Prior to Removal

De-clutter; if you don’t need it or use it then you don’t need to bring it to your new home.

Talk to young children regarding moving to a new house as this will give them time to prepare for the move.

Start looking for a removal company. Get quotes for your removal, and costs for packing and storage if required. You may need to arrange insurance with your mover if your own home insurance does not cover house removals.

Four Weeks Prior to Removal

Now is the time to start packing anything you can live without for the next few weeks.  Be careful you don’t over fill boxes, and use the correct size depending on what you’re packing; heavier items like books will need smaller boxes.

Two Weeks Prior to Removal

Inform banks, credit card companies etc. of your new address.

Less than One Week before Removal

Pack and store any valuables, passports, driving licences etc. separately.  Set aside items you will need for the first few days, some clothing, bedding, toiletries and kitchenware.

Moving Day

Relax let the professionals do their jobs.

Storage Hints

We would like to offer you the following advice for your removal in to storage

Items that cannot be put into storage:

  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Petrol / diesel
  • Anything flammable or with a hazardous label
  • Food items
  • Plants, unless otherwise agreed

Items we advise that you do not put in to containerised storage (as you may be need them at a later date):

  • Cheque books, paying in books etc
  • Passports
  • Driving licences
  • Any personal papers (bank details, insurance etc)
  • Electrical equipment e.g. hairdryers, mp3 players, game consoles
  • Keys